Marriage Is A Lifetime Memory Which Is Carried Out With Blessings Of Friends And Family

Punjabi marriages are notable for their wonder and gaudiness. They are sorted out richly and celebrated with full vivacity. To celebrate the Punjabi wedding, there are various customs which are performed when the wedding. These traditions on occasion appear to be only a reason to celebrate and have some good times.


This is the main custom which is led on a commonly appropriate picked date to anchor the dedication from both the families. The capacity is gone to by relatives and dear companion’s for the most part trading money and blessings. A few families select to start the function with a little puja or ardaas, to check the initial move towards the wedding. The ceremony speaks to the start of a connection between two families, who will at that point talk about a wedding date.


This function for the most part happens at the groom’s home. “Havan” is performed and the young lady’s dad applies the tikka on the kid’s temple who takes the gifts from the lady of the hour’s relatives. Every one of the companions and relatives present in the capacity offers desserts to the kid.

Chunni Chadana

This ceremony is regularly alluded to as the official commitment. On this event, the groom’s family visit the lady of the hour’s home or setting to introduce a red “chunni” or a red sari to the lady of the hour. The kid’s family brings blessings including desserts; dry products of the soil finish clothing for the young lady. The young lady is wearing the garments given by her in-laws and brought where every one of the visitors have congregated. The groom’s mom gives blessings and embellishes her little girl in-law with adornments. It is known as chunni chadana ceremony in light of the fact that the kid’s mom will put the chunni on the young lady’s makes a beeline for dress her like a lady of the hour. The kid and young lady trade rings and the young lady get the blessings from every one of the relatives from the groom’s side.

Wedding Rituals

Mehandi Ceremony

In India, mehndi is connected by ladies on my celebrations and events as it is considered as promising and an image of festivity. Mehndi ceremony is one of the energizing wedding customs in which mehndi sent by the groom’s family is connected on the lady’s hands and feet by expert mehndi specialists. In a few networks, mehndi is connected to both lady of the hour and groom.


It is a standout amongst the most fascinating and engaging events of the wedding ceremony in which the full energy for the Big Day is communicated through move and melody. One day is settled for exceptional sangeet function which is visited and celebrated by both the sides together. Punjabi brides for marriage get themselves registered on these online matrimonial websites. Finally after sangeet the big day that is wedding day arrives.


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