Select Your Better Half in Punjab and make Your Wedding Colorful

Punjabi is one of the states in India. It has five rivers and it is the northern part of India. The main language which is spoken in Punjab is Punjabi. Weddings in Punjab are usually lavish and it is pre or post-wedding rituals that can be consecuted over some of the days. The pre-wedding rituals can include rokka, magini are the items that considered to be auspicious can be exchanged and the red tilak can be applied using indoor.

The wedding of Punjab consists of mini followed by the varamala,kanyadaan, sindoor application by the groom and there. Post wedding ceremony can include the bride and it can be sent off from the parent’s home to her husband’s house by her family.The Punjabi community is the most widespread community and it can spread all over the world. They can belong to the Punjab region of India and it can form the present Indian state of Punjab.

In India, Punjab can represent 3 percentages of people and they belong to the Punjab region. Punjabi boys for marriage, can believe in the theory of work is worship and they are broad-minded so they can believe in transforming all the festivals. And it can be fulfilled at their weddings.

Culture of Punjab

The cultures and subcultures are founded on the local climatic conditions and the adaptations or habits that are required to meet the climatic related changes. The language, food, costume, and people are an integral part of the culture. They are so simple and fun loving people they believe in expressing their emotions with the gusto.

The weddings can express the nature of the Punjabi life. Their weddings are so colourful, loud sometime over the top. The celebration is the top of the hill.  Punjabi girl looking for marriage give importance to dancing and singing one’s heart out.

Punjabi weddings may be simple or lavish but they can ensure the unlimited fun and celebration. Pre and post wedding rituals make the wedding lengthy with an enjoyable fair. Sangeet is the main part of the Punjabi wedding the dance cannot drop anywhere and it is akin to the roller coaster.

 Roka and take

It has all the aspects of the marriage can be satisfactory the bride’s family can visit the groom’s place to offer the groom of the blessing. In the functions, they can give gifts to the family members like sweets, clothes, and money etc.

This process is known as shagun. And the custom is known as Roka. The bride is not generally present in the room. The groom’s family reciprocates the gesture by visiting the bride’s family on the separate day which carries gifts. The return ceremony is also known as thaka.

These two are generally low key affairs with the close family were attending it. The Roka ceremony can make the ceremony well and marks the beginning of the relationship between two families and they can conduct a small pooja called ardaas.


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