Importance of Chooda Chadai in Punjabi Marriages

Weddings are special in everyone’s life and Indians have their own traditions in these big fat wedding ceremonies. The most important thing when your daughter or son is ready for marriage is to search a guy or girl respectively. Marriage bureau in Punjab reduces the work of finding a bride or groom and helps in finding perfect matches depending upon the requirements. Once a perfect match is found, planning of wedding starts and finally the big day arrives. In the Punjabi marriages, chooda chadai is one of the traditions followed from years. This ritual is done with a lot of enjoyment where the bride gets her wedding glow by wearing bangles on the hands.

Importance of Punjabi marriage chooda

Chooda is a set of 21 bangles, usually, Punjabi wedding bangles are in red or maroon else ivory or white color. These bangles are considered as a mark of good luck to the newly wedded couple and are worn for a minimum period of 45 days. This chooda are accompanied with the traditional bridal lehenga. These bangles are considered to strengthen the bondage between the newly married couple. In present days, bangles are customized and are worn by choosing their own color.

How are these bangles worn?

Punjabi wedding chooda are gifted by maternal uncle and aunt of the bride as a gift on the marriage day. This custom is being followed by many years in the Punjabi marriages. On the day of the wedding ceremony, these bangles are washed in the milk with rose petals in it. This means the bangles are purified and a pooja is performed or even havan as per the convenience of the family. Then the maternal uncle of the bride will be putting bangles on the wrist of the bride. Then all the relatives attended this ceremony will be touching these bangles as a sign of blessing them. Now, brides wrist id covered with a white cloth covering the bangles. It is because bride should not see the bangles until the wedding ceremony starts.

Followed by Kalire ritual

Kalire is the umbrella-shaped hangings that are worn on the wedding bangles of Punjabi bride. These are tied to the bangles by the friends and sisters of the bride.  These attractive Kalire are the significance of happiness, wealth and prosperity. Generally, these will be in silver or golden color only in the metallic material. This ceremony is done such that bride will never forget her friends and sister after her marriage. Then after this process, the bride will be shaking this kalire on the head of the unmarried girls who attend this ceremony. Hence, it is believed that on whom this kalire or leaves fall, they will be the next to be the bride. This is followed by marriage ceremony. On the very next day of the marriage, one of the hanging from this kalire is placed in a temple as a ritual and the remaining are stored.

Chooda and kalire are having the high significance in Punjabi marriages. Hence, from the day a Punjabi rishtey is found, the bride is all set for the marriage bangles.


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